We standed with Henan province to tiding over the special time

Issuing time:2021-07-26 10:30

Recently, many places in Henan province suffered extraordinary rainstorm, it caused severefloods and casualties.

The situation affects everyone's heart and rescue is imminent.


On the morning of July 24th,   we received the help message from Xinxiang City, and urgently needed life jackets, life boats, waterproof bags and other materials ahead. The Green Recycled Plastic Supply Chain Joint Working Group (GRPG) mobilized member companies as soon as possible. As a member of GRPG, Re-mall donated funds, sending warmth to people in disaster area.

GRPG's first batch of 4,000 materials were installed and sent to Xinxiang at 15:00 on July 24th. It only took 7 hours from launching an initiative, raising funds, contacting channels, purchasing materials to the official departure. It showed the strong cohesion and patriotism of the GRPG working group.


Re-mall, together with GRPG group

prays for Henan

wishes Henan overcomes flood

and rebuilds homeland


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