A journey of new life | Waste food containers turned into textiles

Issuing time:2023-02-03 09:05

Can you imagine the ubiquitous plastic take-out food containers in your life can actually be transformed into the ribbons on the bag, shopping bags you use, or the fabric of your sofa at home?

With the rise of the take-out economy, take-out has become a "necessity" in people's daily lives. But after consumption, the destination of the take-out food containers is quite different. A large number of take-out food containers are not well utilized and are landfilled and incinerated, bringing a greater burden to the environment.

But after recycling, sorting, crushing, cleaning and granulating, the waste food containers form recycled plastics can be put into new production, Remall has achieved a breakthrough in the industry with the magnificent transformation of plastic lunch boxes to textiles.

Now, Remall makes it possible to turn take-out food containers into spunbond nonwoven, woven fabric, webbing, filament or staple fiber, giving plastic lunch boxes higher-value applications and more diverse possibilities.

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