Good news! Re-mall's carbon footprint digital platform for recycle supply chain products is official

Issuing time:2023-07-12 15:20

Good news! Re-mall's carbon footprint digital platform for recycle supply chain products is officially online! And at the same time Re-mall launched Carbon Footprint Empowerment Service!

In order to actively respond to the national goal of "carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060" and the full and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change, promoting sustainable work is the way to high-quality development of enterprises, and green and low-carbon transformation has become a global consensus.

In this context, Re-mall has joined hands with digital partner Shanghai Vecarbon Technology to explore the carbon reduction and product carbon footprint calculation standards for recycled and high quality materials, and officially released the carbon footprint digital platform for recycled supply chain products (hereinafter referred to as "Re-mall Carbon Footprint Platform") and launched Re-mall Carbon Footprint Empowerment Service.

Introduction of Re-mall Carbon Footprint Platform

Re-mall Carbon Footprint Platform takes ISO 14067:2018 greenhouse gases - product carbon footprint - quantitative requirements and guidelines as the specific calculation standard reference, and takes "cradle to gate" as the scope boundary to automatically calculate product carbon footprint and carbon reduction data comparison analysis for recycled materials, and generate professional product carbon footprint evaluation and traceability analysis report. The scientific and theoretical calculation model of Re-mall's carbon footprint platform has passed the audit and evaluation of DNV, ensuring the accuracy and compliance of the platform calculation method. And combined with the Internet of Things, 5G industrial Internet, NanoJClean blockchain storage encryption, UCloud cloud computing and other technical means to provide strong arithmetic power and service support for the bottom layer of the digital platform.

Introduction of Re-mall Carbon Footprint Empowerment Service

In order to further promote the common development and green low-carbon value of the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, Re-mall has launched the following innovative empowerment services based on the Re-mall carbon footprint platform:

(Supply chain direct purchasing customers and downstream brand customers are collectively referred to as: customers)


1. Raw material carbon reduction traceability disclosure service:

Support the generation of green low-carbon logo and carbon footprint traceability analysis report (WeChat applet) for each batch of recycled materials purchased by customers: through the quantification of carbon reduction and data transparency, the "green" mark is put on the recycled products. To achieve 60%+ carbon reduction rate of recycled materials quantitative traceability proof, to meet the requirements of customers to quickly achieve high-value low-carbon material procurement options and ESG market disclosure related indicators.


2. Raw material carbon footprint data empowerment service:

According to customers' further demands, we can provide exclusive product carbon footprint evaluation reports to meet customers' higher-order compliance needs for carbon footprint data orientation in more business scenarios.


3. Exclusive consulting services for recycling carbon management:

Re-mall carbon expert team provides professional carbon management consulting services for customers, including providing downstream customers with one-stop product carbon footprint calculation solutions. Downstream customers can complete the product carbon footprint model building&calculation and verification&certification services by joining Re-mall's recycle supply chain carbon footprint platform, eliminating their own complex implementation operations and quickly achieving their own dual carbon business goals.

In the future, Re-mall will join hands with more partners to continuously improve the brand low-carbon value for downstream customers, realize internal double carbon management, show the sustainable development effect and provide strong support for social responsibility.

Green and low-carbon is a common topic in today's society. Whether based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or the national 3060 dual carbon goals, green and low-carbon is the goal we are striving for. As a member of the circular economy segment, Re-mall is committed to promoting green and low carbon. We believe in promoting the resourcefulness of recycled plastics with technology and innovation, protecting environment and returning a better tomorrow to the earth.

If you would like to know more about Re-mall's high-value carbon reduction materials and product carbon footprint empowerment services and solutions, please call us at 400 175 0224.

This data is calculated by using the carbon emission factors from Ecoinvent 3.8 database and the carbon emission of PP virgin plastics provided by EU, which is higher than the carbon footprint of products calculated by using domestic factor database, and the emission reduction is lower than using domestic factor database.

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